The Five Commandments for Superior Field Service

Field service is filled with promises and good intentions. But business relies on a level of customer satisfaction in order for them to thrive, otherwise, they are doomed for failure. Considering today’s trends on startups, it is crucial to align your business goals with the right processes and technological tools to remain competitive. Any individual can start a business using the latest technological tools to take orders in an automated way. Therefore it’s very important to have proper understanding of the field service commandments. Sticking to these will ensure your customer’s and your business happiness.

Moises carrying field service commandments

1) Be On Time

I remember my first job right after college. Back then I did not understand why my manager cared so much for a late arrival. After all, I was working extra hours! It cost me my job and it took me some years before I could understand the lesson of my being fired. In business, method is what matters. Successful business create strong bonds with their customers, and a very powerful way to create a strong bond is by being on time and honoring the customer’s agenda, after all, time costs too. Having an automatic schedule appointment setter synchronized with your own calendar is the best approach to tackle this effort. Don’t forget to frequently check your calendar!

2) Be Prepared

The time it takes to get to a site, plus the time it takes to evaluate and “fix” the tasks, plus all administrative expenses can exponentially increase if the operator is not fully prepared for the initial meeting. Costs add up, scheduled appointments are delayed, customer’s are unhappy, business suffers. It is very important to have a detailed process on the customer service front. This way the field service operator will have full knowledge prior to the meeting and be able to plan ahead or prepare. Technologies like the Service Program or similar packages let you input these type of details from the initial call, giving an edge to the operator since day one.

3) Listen to your customer

Let’s face it, some customers are very difficult and don’t always have the best attitude. We all have encountered the type of client that, probably after several attempts, or a few, (it doesn’t really matter) of trying to get a job done, well they can get tired pretty easily. The best way to go around this is by being attentive to the customer’s requirements, evaluate the situation, and then explain your limits and responsibilities. Most of the times a bad attitude can be cooled down with a good pair of ears. Although technology can be helpful in order to identify the type of customer, it is always good to use your people-skills as best as possible.

4) Be Honest

As much as planning can help overcome the usual mistakes. There will be inevitable occasions where the operator will show up late, or even forget to prepare for the appointment. The best way to handle these situations is by apologizing for the inconveniences and clearly explaining what caused the delay or error. Most customers will lend an ear as long as the task is performed in a prompt manner. We must say it, being honest also means caring for the customer. Exploit technology as much as possible, but never forget the human touch.

5) Follow up

This is probably the step where technological tools will show its true potential. By letting you schedule a follow up, or sometimes even suggesting it by itself, your customers and your business alike will be immediately benefited from this approach. Synchronizing these appointments to your calendar should be easy and considered as part of the customer service process. Look for the software or vendor that clearly states the level and ease of integration between your agenda and the software solution.

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