10 Simple To-Do’s to Boost your Field Service Work-Days

Field service work days sometimes feel like chaos. Don’t let that stop your productivity. You can stay productive by following this simple to-do’s. Some you already do, and luckily, others can be easily managed.

how to boost your day

1) Plan and Break Down your Actions

Plans are nothing: planning is everything” -Dwight D Eisenhower.

There is no better way to stay on top of your day and activities than by planning them in advance. By doing this you will be able to see the large picture and be able to break down your actions further down.

The planning stage is ideal to get some insights and input into things otherwise you wouldn’t expect as the day/week moves forward. Write those plans on a list and check mark them to help you keep track of your pending tasks as well as your time frame.

2) Line up materials and find people

Once you have defined the breakdown of activities for your work day, your next step would be to list all the resources you will need in order to achieve them.

First and foremost, clearly list and define the type of resources needed as well as the people that will be part of the team. This list will be used for visualization as well as when you have to record all the costs associated with the project.

This is especially useful for project management as some company resources are dedicated and shared across departments. Make sure this list is shared across all team members.

3) Organize resources (people, site, equipment)

Now that you have a list of people and resources. Take some time to organize the team and activities into a coordinated work force.

Here you would define the responsibilities of the team members. You would also allocate equipment properly, both on site as well as on people resources. If this is shared on time, your team would be able to give you feedback before an error happens.

4) Track time and cost for the project

If the previous steps were written down and kept up to date, this is probably the easiest step. Unfortunately, this is where small and large businesses fail the most.

It is here where the planning process will show how close or far from the actual implementation is. After  taking these measures on a regular basis you will be able to better track time and associated costs in a more accurate manner.

Expert tip: Use technology to keep track of these activities. It will make your life much easier and joyful. Learn how to optimize your work order and time management with our software.

5) Add profit to your cost

This process sometimes becomes a standard procedure, still, it is useful to always make sure the project is actually worth the effort.

This is the best marketing tool at your disposal. By having an active understanding of the actual profit and loss of your projects, your customers will understand you are giving them a unique and personalized treatment.

While having standard tariffs gives confidence to the buyer, it is also helpful to have flexible plans in order to keep the buyer-seller relationship closer.

6) Promptly collect your money

Not much to add here. Unless you are in the money lending business, the sooner you collect the better for a healthy business finances. This is useful for keeping cash strapped customers happy and is used large on the B2B world.

Make sure your collection processes are aligned with your day to day activities. See how our Quickbooks integration can help your collection efforts.

7) Record everything on a timely basis

Use our technology to help you in this process. Having an app with real-time updates will let you and your team stay in charge of your work day. Because all input’s are on-site and real-time, your processes and accounting will be better served. See how equipment rental companies use real time data.

8) Pay taxes on time

Luckily, by this time all of your tasks are properly recorded in the accounting system of your choice. If you have followed the previous steps this duty will help you avoid the painstaking accounting and filling of April.

Make sure any mobile and field service technology that you use seamlessly integrates with your accounting system.

9) Lead by example, move and don’t panic

More a management and motivational to-do than an actual bullet point, but overlooked most of the times. The rush of the work day, with its ups and downs and constant urgency is the most stressful part when trying to stay productive. Try to stay as calm and clear minded as possible.

If you manage employees see some ways to motivate your field technicians.

10) Have fun!

As with any other enterprise, having fun is the thing most workers often forget about. Take some minutes off of your busy schedule in order to have some fun. Don’t forget smiling and happiness releases substances that boost your brain, and thus, your productivity will be improved. But better yet, learn to take pride and joy on the work you perform. After all, you are in the customer satisfaction business, right?

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