Don’t buy Field Service Software before reading this!!!

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Small business will change the economy. And field service is a mayor player in terms of small business. Is your field service management run like a pro?

What are your strategic plans for the next months and years regarding field service management? Are you prepared to commit time, effort and money to optimize your business?

One thing became evident, while the expectations of customer’s keep growing, the investment in field service management tools and processes has remained constant.

Below are some of the key insights from the latest survey by The Service Councilâ„¢’s Field Service Benchmark Survey to top field service executives.

A lot of factors play a part behind this business thinking. Human resources resistance to change and the economic crisis being the main causes.

Other factors play a part too. Examples include the rate of technology adoption, uneven demand requirements, fierce and dishonest competition or lack of technical expertise.

More than half of the respondents mentioned technology as the likeliest strategic action being undertaken. An overwhelming majority mentioned metrics and KPI’s as the main strategic action. No surprises here, almost every large or small business owner acknowledges the importance of metrics for their success.

4 out of 5 Field service executives identify metrics (KPI’s) as their number one priority

7 out of 10 consider investing in both mobile tools and new technologies a top concern

3 out of 5 mention planning & forecasting, training and automation of existing activities as their number three priority

Two interesting facts arise.

First, metrics can’t be achieved without processes. Before thinking of any investment in technology we suggest you take a closer look to your processes. Is there anything you are doing that can be improved with better processes?

Of course there is. Are you working on it? Read our post on five techniques to motivate your field service reps.

Second, you are not alone. Every other business owner out there is probably facing what you are facing. No matter what their vertical is, we are all suffering the consequences of a constantly changing business environment. Get over it and keep working. You’ll feel better.

Here you can download the research paper from the field service survey (pdf).

After you realize what needs to be done, you’ll need to identify responsible players.

Usually responsibility will fall into field service reps and admin staff. Are you working with them to implement your processes?

Is your strategy considering processes along with technology? Is your selected field service vendor offering consulting support? We would love to hear your comments!


The Service Program helps small business owners in their service industry technology and management needs. We give you advice and share industry news to help you reach your goals. We are working hard to bring you the best content for the solopreneur or the small business. Any feedback gladly taken.

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