Four Ways your Field Techs can help you Increase Sales

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Some service-based companies don’t understand the importance of utilizing every customer touching point as a sales opportunity. In particular, field service offers many customer touching points that your sales could benefit from. Maybe your sales team is too time-constrained to pay attention to these opportunities. Or maybe they lack the technical expertise. Either way, by leveraging your customer touching points, your sales can be significantly improved.

Consider the following before expanding your sales team. Your field technicians can help you increase sales. While some technicians may lack the sales expertise, it is useful to develop the sales culture as part of your field service process.

1) Initiate a Field Tech Sales Strategy

Identify the roles, responsibilities, approach and expectations of a sales increase coming from your field technicians.This will work as a benchmark to help you adjust the strategy and approach. Your field service tech may need some training but it is important to communicate what your long and medium term expectations are. Don’t expect a sudden change. Be considerate and supportive. You are building a culture not a process.

2) Arrange for Basic Sales Coaching

Remember that sales are both an innate as well as an acquired capacity. While sales is a  natural process for some people, other people would appreciate basic sales training. Sales practice has perfected many techniques. Get someone on your sales team to provide the training.

Expert tip: Most top Salespeople are not usually good at coaching. Consequently, average Salespeople are usually better trainers. If your team has a balanced sales team use that to leverage your coaching strategy.

3) Ensure Marketing and Field Tech Communication

Make monthly or biweekly meetings between teams to ensure the marketing initiatives are shared and executed across the organization, especially field techs. Sales offers and Rebates can be boosted by your field techs while they are with the customer. By sharing common goals and initiatives  your company will be boosted.

4) Pump up Face-to-Face Communication

Leveraging technology and face to face communication is important to build strong relations. It’s always better to ‘look’ and ‘act’ sincere than just ‘acting’ sincere. There simply is no better way to build loyalty and empathy than eye to eye communication. Field tech most times prefer to be on site but without facing the customer. Arrange meetings where your sales team includes your tech reps. Your customer would appreciate that relationship.

Finally, remember all these customer interaction and communication can be boosted by leveraging your company resources. You already have all of the data your field service could potentially use to increase sales. Why not use it properly? Don’t forget, build culture, not processes.

Do you leverage the selling opportunities your field service creates? Have you faced different environments? I would love to hear your comments.


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