10 Must-Haves for Service Scheduling Software

There is a plethora of vendors and information on choosing the best service scheduling software. The decision-making process could turn hard and long. How to know when you have made the right choice?

Service-based companies share some commonalities in their field service. We have outlined below the basic features any field service and scheduling software must have. Please consider the following when buying upgrading or switching your software.


Field service requires more and more the ability to stay connected at all times. While the trend of mobile and smart devices keeps growing at a steady pace, field service seems to keep pushing the economy.

Inventory Tracking

The ability to track inventory from both physical as well as virtual locations is a must for the field service companies. Some companies even offer individual item inventory tracking. If your current vendor does not offer the former you should consider again whether or not that is your best option.

Routing and Mapping

Of course the most obvious feature for a service scheduling software is the ability to create maps and routes. It is very useful also that these mapping and routing capabilities synchronize with your calendar.

Work Orders and Service Calls

Having full visualization of your customer data is probably the most important feature. It is preferable if your software offers full visualization and easy to use dashboards. Because you want to  be able to track leads from a single point.

Billing and Accounting

In order to avoid a new set of processes and activities your system must be able to invoice on-site and integrate with your accounting software. Having the right implementation will help avoid double book-keeping and would keep your files organized.

Custom Reports

The ability to produce custom or industry-specific reports will translate in your business being better managed. Try to obtain a custom report and see how that would actually help your business. As a plus some companies offer industry-specific reports.

Google Calendar Integration

Let’s face it, most users have one or more Google account. If your current vendor does not offer synchronization with your calendar you should immediately get rid of them. Look for a Gmail or Google Calendar synchronization.


As your business grows, you would want to invest in additional units or equipment. Your vendor should offer scalability features that increase or decrease according to your needs. A good sign of this scalability is vendor websites that offer different pricing based on the number of users.

Great Customer Service

Even if your chosen company has the fanciest website, it is important to test their customer service. Bear in mind that almost any system integration or software upgrade comes with technical problems. What better way to test the future problem-solving capabilities than testing them first-hand before the actual purchase.

Field Service Experience

The field service scheduling industry seems overcrowded these days. With a bunch of vendors competing in the market, and hopefully offering the minimum former capabilities, it can be hard to tell which one would work best for your business. My advice is to do some research on the history and background of the company. Or try even calling the, if they are unwilling or unable to answer questions regarding history and experience, maybe their product or support won’t be as promised. Having actual experience of field service automatically translates to a better software design.

Did you find this useful? What do you look for in your service scheduling software? Leave your comments below.


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