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Many swimming pools contain a common chemical called Chlorine, which not only is an irritate to eyes and skin, but is also not very environment-friendly. Today, there’s several products on the market that are eco-friendly with little or no Chlorine and other chemicals at all. Although the cost of most eco-friendly cleaning pool supplies are not exactly budget-friendly, pool maintenance in general is a costly upkeep. However, there are some affordable and more energy-efficient green methods of cleaning you swimming pool that should be taken into consideration.

There are many all natural sanitation systems that can be used instead of regular pool cleaners that are loaded with chemicals. There are many salt water systems, ionic pool cleaners, and sonic wave cleaning systems that all offers an eco-friendly solution to cleaning your pool while having the added benefits of fewer health risks.

If you heat your pool with either a gas or electric heater, it can be costly. Using solar heat is a cheaper, more energy efficient solution. You won’t always be able to depend on the sun’s mechanical heat but solar energy is far better for the environment than traditional heating methods and a lot less costly.

Consider salt-based solutions that only contain low amounts of Chlorine. No, this won’t turn your swimming pool into ocean water, but the salt water will create chlorine naturally that will oxidize the pools harmful contaminants such as body oil, urine, among others. Although this option is not entirely Chlorine free, it does minimize the amount of the chemical as opposed to other systems.

Another important factor to take into consideration if you’re wanting to approach the eco-friendly method to having a green swimming pool, is using ultraviolet pool cleaners. This process cuts down on how much chlorine and other chemicals are needed to clean the pool. A sterilizer is installed between the current pool filter and the water return line. The use of ultraviolet light eliminates chlorine byproducts.

If going entirely eco-friendly on your pool supplies isn’t possible at the current period of time, there are simple things that can be done with little cost or just a bit of time. Turning off the pump and filter at night will save on energy without having much impact on the overall condition of the pool. However, this method will cause debris and any sediments to settle at the bottom of the pool; Which will require a daily sweeping.


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