Sample pool maintenance checklist

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Pool-Cleaning-ServiceOwning and maintaining a pool does not have to be a challenge, here is a list of tasks (in no particular order) that should be completed in order to keep your pool or a pool you are responsible for maintaining looking clean and beautiful.

[-] Whether there are trees in the yard or across the street, leaves have a way of finding themselves in the pool, use a leaf rake to remove any leaves that have made their way to the bottom of the pool.[-] If the pool has an automatic cleaner, make certain that there is no debris build up in it and that it is running efficiently.

[-] Vacuum cleaners do great things for pools as far as keeping the floors clean of small debris, they should be inspected for damage in and around the head of the vacuum.

[-] Every pool should have a skimmer basket, which are expected to catch larger floating objects. Don’t be too hasty to dive in before inspecting the contents for unwanted rodents or reptiles.

[-] It functions as a filter to help keep your water clean and although maintenance on your sand filter should be minimal, it is important to check for loss of sand, just in case it needs to be topped off.

[-] Verification of proper PH balance, not to mention good filtration and proper circulation are essential factors for maintaining healthy clean safe water in the pool. This also helps to keep a clear blue appearance.

[-] Equipment failure can take place at the most unlikely times, which is why regular checks on those seals for any pumps being used should be checked for efficiency. Remember to unplug any equipment using a source of power before attempting repairs.

[-] Pools are built in a variety of styles, shapes and materials, cracks, tears or other forms of damage to the side of your pool are possible. Catching these damages early and repairing them could save the pool owner a considerable amount of money in the long run.

[-] Even in warmer climates, the water temperature can drop low enough to require a heater. Check for desired settings and verify that the pool water temperature is keeping up with it.

[-] Check for algae build up on concrete walls, if necessary, use a steel brush to have it removed. The decks of the pool can be a dangerous area to walk and play, whether young or old. Proper cleaning and hosing off will help to reduce the build up of moss that can cause slippery surfaces.

[-] Check all filters for wear and tear, if necessary, change the ones that require changing as long term use of poor filtration systems can cause costly damage to your pool.

[-] Not every pool has them, however, if your pool has lights installed, turn them on and make sure that all bulbs are functioning properly. If on a timer, verify that it is set to go on and off at the right times.

[-] Scrutinize the pool for signs that it needs to be shocked, if the water is more cloudy than normal, has an unusually high smell of chlorine or the pool was recently subjected to high use, it may be time to think about shocking it.

[-] Verify that the level of water in the pool is not receding as this could be a sign of a leak.


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