How can I keep my pool clean?

How Do I Keep My Pool Clean – 10 Tips

 Everyone can appreciate a clean sparkling pool. Many pool owners hire professional pool cleaners because they are afraid of how much work will be involved in properly cleaning their pool on a regular basis. If you’re considering putting in a pool or you already have a pool, don’t get scared off. Proper pool maintenance doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming. In fact, you’re probably already doing many of these things that can keep pools bright and clean:

1. Select the Right Location
Obviously if you already have a pool you’re not going to be able to move it, but if you are having a pool put in for the first time, carefully consider where you have it installed. Never put a pool under an overhanging tree because all of that tree debris will end up falling into your pool.

2. Use a Skimmer
Skimming leaves and other debris off the surface of your pool is the best way to keep it clean. Once debris sinks, it becomes harder to remove.

3. Vacuum Regularly
For debris that does sink, use a pool vacuum to clean the bottom and sides of your pool. Pay particular attention to places where debris has collected, making sure to get any residue that the debris has left as well.

4. Brush Walls and Tile
Brushing walls and pool tiles goes one step further than just vacuuming. This can really go a long way in terms of reducing algae buildup.

5. Clear out Baskets and Clean The Filter
Baskets and filters keep debris from getting to the water re-circulator, but when these get clogged they can’t do their job. If they get saturated enough they will let particulate and debris through, doing damage to your pool’s expensive internal parts.

6. Maintain Water Level
Water level will drop in the summer due to evaporation, but maintaining water level is a good way to keep your pool clean. Letting water level drop can cause a scummy ring around the top of your pool.

7. Keep Proper pH
When the pH balance of your pool is off the water suffers. Make sure that you’re checking your pool’s pH levels regularly.

8. Fix Leaks
Even small leaks can cause big problems because they can let things seep in, and grow in the crack. If your pool has a leak, get it fixed asap.

9. Keep Pets Out of the Water
It’s fun to let dogs jump into the water with you, but dogs have a tendency to carry dirt, bugs, grass and other unwanted items into the water. If you want fido to join you while you swim, have him or her wash their paws off before taking a plunge.

10. Keep an Eye on Kids
Kids are notorious for throwing things into the pool. If it’s on the ground, they’ll put it in the pool! Keep an eye on kids to ensure nothing gets into the pool that will dirty the water or cause damage to your filtration system.

With a little bit of work, you can have a clear, beautiful pool all summer long!


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