Business Idea: Pool Cleaning Service

ImageWhy Start A Pool Cleaning Business?

Many people enjoy relaxing in the swimming pool on a hot day. It is also a necessity for hotels and apartment complexes. Swimming pools are also a source of pride for people who own a homeowner. It is very important for people to keep their pools cleaned. A dirty pool can be a health hazard. Additionally, business owners can be fined if they do not keep their pool cleaned.

That is why many choose to hire professional pool cleaners. A professional pool cleaning busy can be quite lucrative, but you will need to invest about $2,000 to get started. You will spend your days adjusting and checking chemical levels, maintaining pool equipment and doing routine. Not only can you clean pools, but you can also clean hot tubes and services spas. One of the many great things about running a pool cleaning business is that you can set your own hours. You may also be able to run your business part-time.

Your Market

Homeowners and people who own hotels, motels, apartments or condominium complexes will most likely be in the greatest need of your pool cleaning business. However, you can also target health clubs and schools. You can start your business by forming relationships with the pool builders and pool supply stores in your area. You should pass out your business cards and ask them to refer their clients to you.

You will also need to introduce yourself to the manager of the pool company and leave your fliers and business cards. You may not get a response immediately, but you should call them back and remind them that you are still available. Additionally, you should send brochures and fliers to the homeowners in your area. You should include a free pool checkup and/or introductory discount in the flier.

What Type of Equipment Do You Need?
Most states require you to get certified before you can legally clean pools. If you have any questions, then you should check with the health department in your area. You will need skimmers, hoses, poles, a trailer or pickup truck, chemicals and test kits to run your business. You will also need a hat and sunscreen.

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Ready to start a cleaning business?

English: Commercial cleaning materials

English: Commercial cleaning materials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When looking for a simple, yet profitable, company to run, many think of starting a cleaning business. While there are plenty of opportunities, one must do a lot of work to get started. However, the rewards are excellent as a cleaning business can make plenty of money and allow a person to enjoy working their own hours. Here are things one should consider before they start a cleaning business.

Commercial or home: There are two major cleaning industries where one can work. A person can start a residential cleaning company where they offer basic cleaning services in apartments or houses. The other type of business is a commercial cleaning company. Now, with this, one will clean large offices in corporate buildings. Both offer distinct advantages and one should take the time to choose wisely. In reality, when looking to make a lot of money, one should steer towards commercial cleaning as there are more opportunities in this field. Either way, when deciding which type to start, one will be on their way to making money.

Franchises or independent: When running an organization, one must choose between a franchise or their own independent shop. Both have benefits; most people prefer to start their own as they will have more control and will not have to pay fees to the franchisor. On the other hand, some enjoy a franchise as they know what they are getting into and will not have many surprises. When deciding this, an entrepreneur is well on his or her way to starting the business and making money.

What supplies to buy: Now, many think that they can buy a vacuum and cleaning supplies and get to work. While it is not a hard business to start, one must make sure they have enough inventory. Not only that, when preparing for the long haul, an individual should plenty of spare items. When ready with all the necessary items and cleaning supplies, one can start approaching local businesses or homeowners to offer their services.

Home or office: Another thing to remember is that some people choose to run their cleaning business out of their home. When doing so, an entrepreneur will not have to spend too much money in the first few months. This offers a serious advantage to a person who lacks the funding to build their organization quickly. However, when looking to impress commercial clients, one should consider getting a professional office where clients can visit the company with ease.

Employees or self-run: A cleaning business can practically run itself once a person hires solid and reliable workers. This is a hard thing to come by though as many employees in the field are unreliable or often switch jobs. For this reason, one must consider if they are going to hire employees or do the work on their own.

A cleaning company can make plenty of profits. When considering these five things, one can decide what they need to do to get started and how they will build the organization.

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Effortlessly Integrate Your Lawn Care Billing Software With Quickbooks

lawn care service billing softwareRunning a successful lawn care business requires more than simply the knowledge of how to maintain lawns and gardens while building a positive relationship with your customers. In order to properly manage your lawn care business it is important to have lawn care billing software that is suitable for the number of clients you have and the amount of revenue you generate monthly and annually. Knowing how to integrate your lawn care billing software effortlessly with Quickbooks is a way to make managing the financial aspect of your company even easier.

Why Use Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is the most widely-used software program for managing finances for personal records and businesses of all sizes. Quickbooks was first launched in 1998, when it captivated more than 80% of individuals who filed taxes and managed their own finances personally. Quickbooks allows you to get in-depth insight into your company’s overall progress and success as well as the amount of expenses you have monthly. You can also manage your payroll with a Quickbooks add-on, making it much easier to manage individuals who are working for you or with the lawn care service you are operating.

Quickbooks is a way to verify your financial records using an automated computing system as opposed to having to check all of your records individually and manually yourself. You can use Quickbooks to help with labeling companies you work with as well as suppliers and customers you need to keep track of due to invoices.

Features of Quickbooks

Quickbooks has an auto-save feature to ensure all of your records are regularly saved and stored for later use. You can also use Quickbooks to keep track of individual clients or customers with specific invoices. Tracking bills and incoming earnings can also be done by properly configuring the software upon installing it. Using Quickbooks is easy and can be done whether you are working on a business or personal computer as it does not require a significant amount of RAM or memory to run properly.

Integrating Customer Records

With Quickbooks it is possible to import all of your customer records, invoices and expenses into the program from your previous software with just one click. Importing data has never been easier for financial records than with the use of Quickbooks. Additionally, you also have the option to choose the “Service Plan” from Quickbooks. The Service Plan allows you to automatically sync your records from your additional lawn care billing software program each day so you never miss inputting records or any data that is automatically entered each time you make a sale or generate income.

Knowing how to integrate your lawn care billing software with Quickbooks can eliminate the headaches that are oftentimes triggered when handling finances and filing financial reports or documents. Using Quickbooks can be extremely beneficial if you want to keep a close eye on the financial aspect of your business or if you are looking for a much easier and simpler way of keeping track of expenses, income and other finance records for tax purposes.

If you believe this to be a good fit for your business, head over to and you can find out more. Or simply call us at 866-480-1879

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7 Ways Equipment Rental Companies use real-time data

real time dataThere is no shortage of information when using real-time data. From centralizing your working orders to being able to track your inventory and parts management, real-time data makes it very easy to manage otherwise complicated enterprise activities, especially on field-service. As we’ve said before, having the right software equipment can make your business processes smoother and more efficient.

The following are seven ways in which Equipment Rental Companies are using real-time data to maximize their efficiency.

1) Lead Tracking

By taking your office to your mobile device it is now possible to have your leads at your fingertips and be able to track their behavior and status. Most software tools provide the lead tracking utility, some lack the ability to convert your existing customers into leads for better serving. This is useful for meeting deadlines or avoiding the customer complain phone call. By having your leads on a centralized spreadsheet your customers will be better served.

2) Generate Quotes on the Go

Most small businesses usually struggle with their invoicing procedures, usually because of poor or lacking communication, but most of the times simply because information is not fully updated. The latest equipment rental software programs let you produce not only invoices, but also generate quotes on the field. Having them link to your accounting and CRM tool is the best way to avoid duplication errors.

3) Work Order Handling

From the initial call of the customer to the invoicing and collection process, there simply is no better connecting point than the work order. By having real-time updates directly fed to your mobile devices and shared across departments, your work orders will be streamlined and updated from day one.

4) Inventory Tracking in Real Time

Your stock will never be empty if you have information constantly updated regarding your business requirements. Companies that rent equipment are highly benefited from being able to tell the status of their parts and stock from their mobile devices.

5) Equipment Tracking

You need a software that gives you GPS-enabled rental equipment capabilities in order to get the more recent information without having to rely on your customer service or administrative staff. Field Service is all about the action on the field and it needs accurate and real-time data to perform well.

6) Live route mapping visualization

By understanding what is happening with your field service technicians and having a visualization of their whereabouts your  company will be able to coordinate more advanced operations. Having all this information on your mobile device will tell you exactly what is happening and where are your technicians. You can reschedule or reassign according to your customer’s requirements.

7) Invoicing On-the-Go

The most efficient equipment rental companies require only a call or an email to do the work. By taking full command of the service and providing real-time visibility to all your field  service operators, your company can avoid poor customer service experiences and your costs will decrease from administrative staff. Having the option to invoice and make any adjustments on the go will make your company into the equipment rental leader.

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Five Ways to Make Your Lawn Care Service the Best In Town

lawn care billing software

Click Here For Lawn Care Billing Software

You take pride in your lawn care service, so, naturally, you want to do everything you can to stand out in your community and become the best local business. By following five simple steps, you can be on your way to receiving the recognition you need to succeed.

1. Lawn Care Special Offers

Clients love special offers. It gives them the sense of satisfaction that they are saving money in a struggling economy. A great way to implement a savings program into your lawn care service is to propose special deals for repeat customers. This gives them the sense of a relationship with their lawn care provider, and it gives you more business.

2. Create Online Presence

Since the advent of the Internet, more and more people have come to rely on the benefits of online shopping. As more people utilize search engines to find the services they need, it is crucial that you are present to attract the most business. FaceBook is a free and effective way for you to make yourself available on the worldwide web. If you service a larger urban area, it may be worth your money to hire professional services to optimize your search engine results.

3. Offer Lawn Care Solutions

Offering solutions to the problems of society is a great way to promote your business. For example, you could offer free services for elderly people having trouble keeping up with their lawn. Oftentimes, these people are cited by the city and have to overpay for city workers to mow their lawns for them. You will not only be offering a helping hand, but it shows the community that you care about your clients. In the long run, it can help promote the business greatly.

4. Offer a Lawn Care Guarantee

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for services that are not performed properly. By offering a guarantee, customers have the peace of mind in knowing that the job will be performed to their expectations.

5. Participate in the Community

Few tips are more effective in making your lawn care service the best local business than by getting involved in the community. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce. They are responsible for helping business owners network and provide unique opportunities for you to get your name out there. You can also invest in personalized pens and stationary to give for free as a constant reminder of your existence in the local area.

Please visit our website to find out more about how The Service Program can help you and your Lawn Care Business.

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Taking Control Of Your Cleaning Service Finances

cleaning service software

Cleaning Service Software

Running finances for your cleaning service is an important part of making sure that your business is profitable. Every expense must be carefully tracked and then placed against the amount of income that you are getting in order to determine profitability.

In addition, having the ability to properly schedule appointments allows you to make a greater margin of profit by making better use of your time. Seeing this on paper can help you determine where you can streamline your business in order to schedule additional appointments.

Running a cleaning service is a job that has the potential to help you make a good margin of profit. However, it is also a job that requires a great deal of hard work and dedication in order to be successful. There is much more to be considered than merely showing up at someone’s home or business, cleaning and then leaving. You must understand the expenses that are involved with purchasing supplies as well as traveling from location to location.

You also must be able to look at every job that you have and then schedule those jobs accordingly so that you are spending the least amount of time in transit as possible. This directly impacts your margin of profit by eliminating time spent that you are not making money.

Utilizing proper tools and techniques to make an effective schedule is important in any business. It is especially important when your business is dependent upon purchasing supplies and then traveling to different locations in order to perform the work that is needed. The ability to schedule several homes or businesses that are in the same general area within the same day cuts down on travel time and expense. In addition, utilizing a schedule helps you to see areas where you can work to increase your business and get new clients.

Creating a successful business requires a lot of time and effort, regardless of the type of business that is in question. The more you are able to grow your cleaning business the better equipped you will be at helping individuals to accomplish their goals of getting a clean home while simultaneously getting positive word of mouth advertising.

As your cleaning service continues to grow and you have to add additional employees, scheduling appointments in the proper way will become even more important as a means of helping you determine when you will need the most help from your staff. Therefore, learning to schedule appointments effectively from the beginning and automating your cleaning service software is the best way to continually grow your cleaning service.

How has software helped your cleaning business streamline and become more efficient. Please comment below and let us know

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How To Select Your Pool Service Billing Software

Operating a pool care service is a great way develop solid business income, especially during the warmer summer months or in areas that allow individuals to swim year-round.

Pool Service Billing Software

Pool Service Billing Software

Even in colder climates it is possible to continue to make a respectable profit with a pool care service by helping those customers who have indoor swimming pools and providing products and services to customers who wish to winterize and maintain their swimming pools.

Basic business practices which will make virtually any business a solid income producer, including the pool service business, is to provide products and services that customers want while providing customer service that is second to none. Specifically to the pool care service, profits can be increased by providing related services throughout the year and building a relationship with existing customers to create an additional customer base. In addition, profits can also be increased by setting up a billing structure that allows business owners to spend more time working on growing the business rather than billing for services that have already been rendered.Pool service billing software is an excellent way to adequately bill for services and products without spending an enormous amount of time trying to create a system independently. Pool service billing software allows business owners to easily itemize their expenses and schedule billing services on a routine basis without requiring that important time be taken away from other activities. The software helps people bill for both products and services and even helps business owners to create services which allow them to put customers on a monthly billing cycle where they can pay a membership fee each month in order to get discounted services throughout the year.

Pool service billing software is a vital part of operating a successful business because it frees up valuable time to focus on providing better customer service or finding new and innovative ways to market the pool care business. It is much easier to quickly bill customers for services rendered and then get back to the process of actively growing the business so that additional profits can be made. Increasing the customer base is not an easy task, regardless of the type of business that is in question. Therefore, pool service billing software is a key component of operating a business which turns a good profit each and every month, even during the months that are not peak times for swimming pools.

What do you use for you pool service billing software? Please comment below
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